Account style invoices containing multiple animals and sessions for a single client over time can be done easily from the web based Cavanti app. To create an account simply start a new invoice for the client and add a line for the first session or animal, save, then add another line for each additional session or animal being sure to save between lines. Each line will be associated with a single session and will show the animal name and session date on the account for you.

If there are already a number of single item invoices for the client, for example if they were created then from within the session on the mobile app, then the invoice merge function on the web app can combine them all into a single account. Navigate to Accounting>Merge Invoices, select the client, then either create a new account or utilize an existing invoice to merge the others into. Select the invoice to combine and click merge.

Note that the mobile app will always create a single invoice per session, and cannot automatically add an invoice line to an account. You can however still utilize the mobile invoice function to record, but not send, the invoice, then merge it into an existing account from the web at a later time.