Unfortunately we do not offer a temporary pause for the subscriptions. The cost of maintaining the accounts for us is not really tied to client usage, rather we have a responsibility to backup, protect, license and maintain the accounts so they are safe and at the ready at all times- even if nobody ever logs into it!

However there are a couple of options to maintain your data in the system until you are ready to pick it up again.

If you are not already on the bottom price point, you could consider parking your subscription on the bottom plan until things pick up again for you. You can switch plans at any time without penalty.

The other option is to cancel your subscription, then resubscribe when you are ready to come back to it. Please note however that to use this option you MUST resubscribe within 90 days of the end of your last paid subscription period. Cavanti will only retain data on inactive accounts for 90 days, after which both the data and account will be deleted from the servers. Note too that you will not be able to log into or use the account in any way while it does not have an active subscription.