There are two options for attaching photos to the outgoing report email.

  1. From the send email window. A single photo (or file) can be attached to the outgoing email itself on the web app. To attach the file, navigate into the session, click on 'email report' , then 'choose file' under attachment.
  2. From the session.  Multiple documents can be added as email attachments on the mobile or web app from the session summary under 'documents to send'. Documents and photos uploaded to settings>document attachments will appear in this list. Different categories of documents can be created, for example 'photos' or 'exercises' so the document library can be organized for easy file retrieval.

Remember that most email providers put a limit on the total size of attachments that can be sent or received via email, too many photos can quickly hit that limit and may prevent your email from sending and/or its recipient from receiving it.