Cavanti reports and invoices are sent from your own private email address set up for you by the Cavanti system.  This is necessary for us to comply with anti spam/spoofing measures that have been put in place by the vast majority of email providers (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc) that prevent our system from using your email address to send email on your behalf.  Unfortunately there is no way around this.

Instead we send the mail from a personalized email address that is created for you.  We then set the Reply To address (which is used by most email programs) to be your actual email address so you will receive any customer replies in your usual email inbox. If an email program does not support Reply To addresses (or someone just sends a message directly to your address) the Cavanti system automatically forwards that message to your email address, so there really is no need for you to worry about or pay much attention to your address, it just exists to link Cavanti to your email address.